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August 28, 2007, Nakajima Triathlon

Nakajima is a small island just one hour by boat outside of Matsuyama. Every year the last weekend in August, a triathlon competition is arranged. The first Nakajima Triathlon took place 22 years ago and has now become popular and well known all over Japan. This was my(Björn) first competition ever. I enjoyed it very much and I am determined to compete next year too.

2006-June 3 Mountain Climbing at Mt. Ishizuchi (1982m)

An NPO called Mori no Gakko (The Forest School) arranged a trip to the highest mountain in Shikoku, Mt. Ishizuchi, and I (Bjorn) had the opportunity to join this one-day journey.

2005-August 1-13 Journey to USA

Michikos brother lives near Detroit (MI). During the japanese holiday period in August we took the liberty to visit his family. We landed at LA early in the morning and had one day sightseeing there before we took a red-eye flight to Detroit with North West Airlines (should be called North Worst Airlines though, since the flight was delayed and overbooked).

2004-August Palau

Ever since we took our diving license in Japan in the summer of 2000 we have always wanted to visit the most famous diving sites in the world. As we think that Palau is one of them, we emptied our bank account to dive with sharks, jellyfishes and kayaking in the mangrove swamp. We have splitted the photo album into sections below:

The Kayak Tour

Jellyfish Lake

The Big Dropoff

The German Channel

Olong Channel

Secret 1

2004-May Golden Week at Kashiwajima

Kashiwajima is located in the southwest of the Shikoku Islands and is considered as having the best diving spots in Japan, next to Okinawa. The best highlight during this dive trip was the spotting of a big sea turtle. He allowed us to come as close a 2 meter before he decided to leave the sport. Please see the picture.


2004-April Diving outside Sunokawa Park(Ehime) & Kashiwashima (Kochi) with a Swedish Friend

We got visit from Sweden. My friend Thorben wanted to see the japanese under water world. So we went to a 4 days trip south. The best memory from this trip is the encnounter with a family of Sting Rays and the Hammerhead Shark. For pictures, click on the link above. For watching a video of the string rays and a blow fish, please see the embeded video below.

The sting ray video

The blow fish video
















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