America Tour Aug 2005

State of California and Michigan

Ichiro Suzuki

Baseball Game at Detroit

Bjorn & Michiko

Driving an Open Car on the way to the Outlet

Canoe Hiking at Michigan River

Canoe Hiking

Returning the canoe

Detroit Tigers Home Stadion

Scuba Diving at Catalina Islands

A Garibaldi Fish


Harborview of the old Casino at Catalina

Bjorn and the Giant Black Sea Bass



1st Class food

We were upgraded to 1st class


Nice beds

Hollywood boulevard

Universal Studios

Entrance to the Jurassic Park

Chocolate gourmet at Godiva

Face painting

The Dark Defender

How do we look?

Terminator & the Dark Defender

Garibaldi Fish

c2006 Bjorn & Michiko Futagami

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