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This is the Home Page for Bjorn Nilsson Futagami and Michiko Futagami. We have made this Home Page to show pictures that we have taken during various trips and events. We hope you will enjoy our small website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss anything on this site.












Copyright: All photographs on our site are protected by copyright. You are allowed to use our pictures for non-commercial use if you just follow below simple rules.

1) Inform us of where, how and when you plan to use the picture.

2) When you publish our picture, please mention the origin of the picture and our site name (www.futagami.se)

Who are we? Time & Weather in Japan:

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Name:Bjorn Nilsson Futagami


Born 1971

Job: Local Community Project Responsible at the Matsuyama Branch of Japan-Sweden Care Institute

Interests: Scuba Diving, Judo, Outdoor

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Name:Michiko Futagami


Born 1977

Job: English Teacher, Matsuyama Central High School

Interests: Scuba Diving, Cheer-leading


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Time & Weather in Sweden:

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